Threats/false positives

In the process of downloading, Installing and running a virus scan,i have picked up two threats which are false positives i think.
Is there any way of resetting"Threats Detected" to 0 from 2
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You can submit FP’s here:

About resetting the counter.
At the main screen click the “2 threats detected”. → click more.
Then clean the logs (highlight and pressing “delete” should work if I remember correctly)

That’s how i imagined it should be done but it dosn’t work

If you clear the log the counter will be reset after a reboot.

Just did this on mine.


Pressing delete won’t work :stuck_out_tongue:

In the Log Viewer go to File → Clear and then choose the log you want to clear. (AV this time)
Reboot and it’s not mentioned anymore.

How right you are