Is it any good and more importantly worth using with CIS?

Yeah i use it it works pretty good if CIS misses something

It works well alongside CIS. But when you have D+ and know how to use it, you don’t really need anything else.


I personally experienced a very noticeable slowdown in browser speed with Threatfire installed, as did some others I’ve talked to, but you might not of course. Other than that I guess it worked alright.

threatfire says hopsurf update is spyware and wants to kill the process what to do ???

Can you please report it as a false positive to PC-Tools:

They can then adjust their signature so that it will no longer be detected. Please see if this solves the problem.

for me is threatfire completly useless.

i have test it for 2~ weeks and threatfire do absolutly nothing o_O

i have install (on my test system) many old and new viruses + other malwares but threatfire never shows any reactions… no popups ,no actions… the program do nothing ??? ???

It produced nothing but false positives on my bro’s PC whenever uninstalling old applications. I accidentally deleted and quarantined some of them because he’s known to attract malware and I trusted Threatfire at first ;D.

In terms of BBs I’ve always found Threatfire to be very poor in comparison to Mamutu,but it can be tweaked to decent effect.A user at Wilders named Kees1958 posted an excellent guide to maximizing TFs protection,it’s well worth searching there for it.

Undoublty some people do run into issues with threat-fire. Such as system freezes, poor performance and the good ol’ loss of keyboard that still plagues… If it works for you though… high 5. But it’s the case of “buyer be ware” even though it’s free ;D

andyman35, I did a test about a year ago? or so with mamutu and threat fire… give or take, mamutu only caught 2 more i think out of what tested, something like 50 malwares. (don’t remember exactly… I know they were very close…)

soyabeaner… Not false positives as such…It would be a false posiive if it labled it as amalware, it does’t - It’s just letting you know about a suspicious action. instaliing\uninstalling is a bit more than surfing the web\text doc stuff… bit deeper. IMO I want to be alerted for those sorts of things. I think it’s perfectly normal. Did you try with mamutu? same thing probably would of happened.

Res1stanCe… Are you sure you have threatfire installed ;D

~~PS. Don’t forget threatfire was aquired by symantec 88)


Worth using with CIS?
Because Host intrusion prevention systems generally are more noisy alerting you of more things which in turn gives the potential of more protection…

Note:: If you aren’t familiar with pc’s or aren’t going to bother with reading defence + alerts, you might as well disable it. Then put threat-fire on.

From an inexperienced user’s perspective, I assumed yellow meant caution and red meant danger ;D.

Mamutu has problems of its own, like crashing when I don’t answer to an alert quick enough upon launching Internet Explorer. Speaking of IE, Mamutu thinks it’s some kind of spyware. Well, I guess that’s not too far off from the truth ;D.

My main issues with TF were with legitimate files being automatically blocked without warning (something I gather they’ve improved upon now).it didn’t do great on the malware I threw at it,but your tests show that results can vary a lot,so it probably offers similar levels of protection.TF felt quite heavy when I last tried it,delays on right click,folders slow to open,etc. as opposed to Mamutu which was unnoticeable.that too may well have improved now.

D+ will offer a far greater scope of protection for those that are willing to contend with the alerts,while for the passive users BBs will do the a lot of the donkey work for you.