This was not nice to see

I just picked a video in YouTube where it was shown how a keylogger could record Paypal Username and password and send then to internet without any action from CIS. I surely hope it was a fake video!

Yep, it’s quite old, but i don’t know that comodo fix it or not.

It seems to be a fake … :embarassed:

And someone left there this kind of comment :

[ “Dude, this isn’t even close to a fair test. Let me sum up this video. You and your “group” write a program (keylogger) and then claim that Comodo does not work when you test it. First of all, why don’t you test REAL malware instead of a simulator that YOU wrote. First of all, you will NEVER receive an antivirus alert, because it is not in any database anywhere. Second of all, […]you could have easily whitelisted that simulator. I don’t believe this ■■■■ video”. ]

Judge this by yourself.