This might be stupid.

This might be a bit stupid. I just installed Comodo Firewall. I am having problems with all those notifications popping up. I installed another program and had to press the Allow Button like a thousand times before it was there. How so I make Comodo just work in the background without all those notifications popping up?

I noticed that there is an “Installation Mode” option on there. Is that one meant to be used while installing programs on my computer or what?


Install mode is used only for when your installing something. Comodo is more then a firewall. It also is a HIPS program which is a behavior blocker. The pop ups you see which should be D+ warnings are normal. You can put D+ in training mode for a week or so and let Comodo learn most of your apps then put it back to Safe Mode. Open up Comodo and click on the D+ ( Proactive Defense) and move the slider to training mode. Remember this is only a temporary mode. Once all your programs are learned then you will get no more pop ups unless you install something new. Take time and read the help file system. There is alot of good info in there.

Comodo Firewall Pro 3.0 User Guide. :-La

'Switch to Installation Mode' / ' Switch to Previous Mode' - Allows you to quickly toggle between 'Defense+ Installation mode' and your most recent Defense+ Security Level. 'Installation Mode' allows you to quickly install or run an application that you trust which is, as yet, unknown to Comodo Firewall Pro. For more details, see Defense+ Settings.
Installation Mode: Installer applications and updaters may need to execute other processes in order to run effectively. These are called 'Child Processes'. In 'Paranoid', Safe' and 'Clean PC modes', Defense+ would raise an alert every time these child processes attempted to execute because they have no access rights. Whilst in one of these 3 modes, Comodo Firewall Pro will make it easy to install new applications that you trust by offering you the opportunity to temporarily engage 'Installation Mode' - which will temporarily bestow these child processes with the same access rights as the parent process - so allowing the installation to proceed without the usual alerts.

If you are installing a new, unknown application. Defense+ will alert you with a pop-up notification and, as you
want to allow this application to continue installing, you should select ‘Treat this application as an Installer or Updater’.

OK. Thanks. I thought Comodo did its learning in Safe Mode as well, but I’ll switch to training then…

Training mode is not a proper solution for installing apps… please review the documentation or at least the part I’ve pasted in my previous post.

DO NOT leave cpfv3 in “Training Mode” for any period of time.As Vettetech said this mode should only be used for a short while,run all your common applications once to allow Defence+ to learn there actions and then switch to Clean(if you want pending files) Safe or Paranoid mode.
Then if you want to install something switch to “installation mode” for the installation process then you should switch back to your previous mode.

Regards, Matty