This is why the world needs Comodo!

The attackers used an army of bots from around the globe to hammer the servers with bogus and abnormally large DNS requests – partially formed DNS messages of over 350 bytes each, according to a report from the ISC. The majority of the traffic came from nodes in Seoul (61 percent of the attack traffic) and Beijing (18 percent). Another 13 percent originated from nodes in San Francisco and another 7 percent elsewhere, according to ISC numbers”

Security can not be optional! Charging the end users for basic security, makes it less than optional!

Security MUST be available to everyone for free! Otherwise we are creating an army of bots that could turn against us!!


Which is why we need CMC to catch bot armies where they live. :wink:

Exactly! While the vision was of Melih in armor on a horse slashing through bots yelling “Security MUST be available!” as a war cry, :smiley: lol, there is no truer statement! Now I vision the moderators in armor as well yelling “ALL HAIL COMODO!” Where is Paulo in all this?..



I saw this on the B5tech forum, wondered if it was correct?

"Check the routing through the PRC zombie network… Most of the zombies used as passthroughs are in the Korean Peninsula

The attack came out of the PRC."

From what I gather , most new zombie attacks come from China and U.S then South Korea. I know the U.S produced most spam second to SK. But yeah, mostly PRC out of 157000 a day, I think 22% or maybe higher are PRC related.

The rest of Zombie attacks come from graveyards and wherever nuclear radiation was spilled , they protrude from the soil looking for brains. They’ll be dissapointed when they hit my town…


BTW , Welcome to the forum! (:CLP)

Gee, shucks. Me? I’m just the guy who sharpens and cleans the sword, and feeds the horses.

Geez, and here I pictured you or Egemen holding a huge comodo shield running into battle! Well you have it better than me. I would run into battle yelling and then realize I forgot my sword :o !


my last 2 comps fell to viruses because i didnt know about anitvirus and the more we can educate the population the better
comodo FTW

I don’t get why they say security should be free when they sell security certificates.

They are talking about desktop security. There is a massive infrastructure required to be a player in the SSL industry, and money doesn’t grow on trees. There has to be money generated somewhere to enable the free stuff to be developed.

Although we call them code monkeys, developers don’t work for peanuts. :wink:

There are millions of people in the world who cannot afford an annual sub for security, but may have been given a recycled computer. We all need for them to be safe from being taken over.

That is what this very old thread is about.

I would say old 2007?? lol

SSL certificate is required by businesses. And Businesses can afford few dollars.

Free Security is for end users. There are many who can’t afford security for their desktops.


I agree we have to try to promote comodo to business owners that would purchase comodo products.

what is CMC ?

I’m really impressed with Comodo, offering such nice programs for free.

The problem with a capitalist developer is they want money…

Less capitalism and more socialist software development. :slight_smile:

THANKS Comodo :slight_smile:

Freeware; yes; and it better work better than its supposed to.

And, I must say thank you for Comodo Firewall freeware. Problems with all ID tagging; is how do we control it? Who all gets your info?? Who all keeps sharing it; and not knowing if their sharing it with unscrupulous “agents”? Shouldnt ones personal PC; be totally private??? Doesn’t a good firewall keep ones personal PC; invisible from the internutters??? Yes; I know; proxy servers etc…I say ; I hope. I don’t write basic anymore; and dont have as well versed in detail a look at code myself to really kick some butts; so I have to trust the folks in the know right now…and thats the largest segment of people right there.
You know, I wonder how many folks read all the “agreements” witht he software they agree to…all the small print? Its almost like we need a battery of attorneys and super high tech special;ists at our disposal to look out for our own intrests.