This is the real world.F-35 has been hacked.

F-35 has been hacked.
There is a suspicious country.
Yes we know it.


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Lol… could be a government behind… :o :o

Thats US next fighter air plane… ofc getting info and details about it could be interesting info for “some”…

I think so.
Or it goes to Black Market…with incredibly expensive price.

And again China is involved. They really are into the hacking/getting info from the US war materials…

Former U.S. officials say the attacks appear to have originated in China. However it can be extremely difficult to determine the true origin because it is easy to mask identities online.


Yes again.
They always try to dupe everything.
But I don’t think they can.
This is not a toy and food.
It’s F-35. ;D

Let’s just blaim ganda ;D


It’s different. ;D
Country and the people are different.

We can’t blame GANDA. ;D
But we can torture GANDA. ;D

Let’s torture GANDA~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
;D ;D ;D

Thought this comment on another site tickled me :slight_smile:

Pentagon got hacked, don't know who did it > Blame China. Pentagon got hacked, by rouge US agents. -> Blame China. Pentagon got hacked, by organized crime syndicate -> Blame China. Pentagon got hacked, by country OTHER THAN CHINA - Blame China. Pentagon got hacked, and we know China was behind it -> Blame China.


China = Ganda ???


For real?

GANDA from china? ???

They always try to dupe everything
Not necessarily. How many things that civilization invented thousands years ago – we are using “all that”
Country and the people are different
Sure. So, what is that different country where ganda-people live? :)
Let's just blaim ganda
Yes, we can blame him despite he is not from China or at least pretending not to be from there, because when I offered him to check “Chimei” display he asked whether I am from China, because he cannot find such monitor at “his place” wherever that place is (?). I think that “Lt.” is just a cover and he is actually a “Major”… spy … interested in F-35.

Oh yeah! As I remember he was going to get a little Chinese dog or something…

Definitely Lt.ganda can be blamed ;D


Yes I say we enforce the government to put CIS on their Military Aircraft and Electronic Computers lol

and Let Ganda get Blamed for this event haha…


SiberLynx is funny. ;D

This guy doesn’t recognize what is real, what is a kidding.

Hey SiberLynx.
Are you still live in your own world?

Have fun.

Let’s torture him with me. ;D

You first then I’ll follow you. ;D ;D ;D

We all are living in our own worlds.

Please read carefully. All I wrote was a joke
except my comment expressing respect to Oriental civilization as a whole.
We “western people” should learn more about it. That is my point of view.

I do understand jokes quite well despite English is not my 1st language
Here is another idea & topic for your bashing and flaming.
I’m giving it to you for free :slight_smile:
And yes, the mother tongue is Russian (but I am not Russian :wink: - puzzling, and I don’t live there any more, so I am “Down Under” or in the “Wild West” … somewhere near you … spooky! >:-D ),
so let’s block not all China, but Russia and all former Soviet Union countries too.
Now you know why I placed one serious comment amongst others, which were all friendly jokes.

Even one of the quotes from you was commented with smiliey (have you noticed that? No)

Your post on the other hand clearly shows that you still don’t have respect to anybody or anything.
I was surprised that this time it was not about me “swimming in my own pool” as it was previously stated… Almost the same… but thanks for varieties in rudeness, otherwise - it would be boring. What a relief!

I will continue to swim, live in my own world, and having my own fun.

You will continue having your fun showing arrogance in almost every post pushing your opinions by telling people that “they don’t know”; they “don’t understand” and other similar stuff in this vein. Yes Creasy, sorry we are all a bit stupid around you or rather below you and your wisdom… but “let us be”, please forgive us, mortal lil creatures

You can spoil everything as I can see, even fun thread

Thank you

You have mentioned it. Don’t pretend you are not.

I’m innocent (me=europa) 88)


We don’t care who you are, where you from.
Why so serious? ???
We are sick of your funny explanations and vindications.
That kind of habit makes you a Stalker in the real life.
I think you can’t control it…
It’s not good.

It’s appropriate for your diary.

Me=Jupiter ;D

Sure you are talking about yourself in plural … What else?
That’s what I am saying - you are arrogant inconsiderate and your comments are meaningless