This is strange

I have “lost” the users directory from VTRoot. When browsing from a non-sandboxed explorer window I can’t see the directory or anything in it.

However, when I use Windows search tool to look for a file that I know is in Users, it displays the file just fine. I can also do a search for * on VTRoot and many files display from the Users folder.

I’d suspect this is a Windows 7 problem. I am missing a few Windows updates so that may be the source of the problem.


Hi boowho,
You need to select Show hidden files folders, and drives for VTRoot to be visible in Windows explorer.

I wish it was as easy as that… That option as been set in my computer since it was first possible to do so (Windows 95, I think). Plus I do see all the other directories in VTRoot; I just don’t see the users directory,

I just installed EVERY update that MS has issued for Windows 7 and still have the problem. So maybe it IS a Comodo problem?


Hi boowho,
Sorry I did not read the question correctly.
Using caution, clearing the check box for Hide protected operating system files (Option1-step4) should bring those folders into view.

Well slap my face and call me silly!!! But THAT did work.



I won’t do either. :wink:

But THAT did work.
Glad to hear. Kind regards.