"This Installation Does Not Support the Target Platform"

I’m running the updated version of windows vista home premium (service pack 2) and when I try to install either the comodo antivirus or the CIS I get “This Installation Does Not Support the Target Platform” popping up after I set the language. I’m currently using Comodo firewall and tried installing CIS with the firewall off as well as on.

This sounds like you are using Vista x32 and are trying to install CIS x64.
Please check the version you DL’d.

Thanks for the reply. I’m afraid that’s not the problem though as x32 is one of the system requirements.

This is what I downloaded: Download Antivirus for Mac | Free Antivirus Software for Mac

Well thanks for the abundant lack of clariification. I’m downloading ZoneAlarm.

I’m also having a problem installing Comodo with Windows 7. Is there something blindingly obvious that a non-techo should be doing?

What exactly is the problem? Do you get any error messages? Is this a first time you are installing CIS?

I’m on windows seven and I select the language and it says the installation does not support the target platform. I don’t know why I could use some help.

Is your W7 64 bit or 32 bit this happened to me because I downloaded the wrong installer…also to the OP what bit is your windows?

First HELLO!,
I’ve tried installing the Firewall program on 3 different operating systems. This firewall software has a glitch for alot of peoples operating systems (computers) This is not a install problem it’s a software issue. Just because the majority of computers have a good install doesn’t mean the other computers have been installed improperly. You see the same problem. ( ODD ) " does not support target platform " I took the time installing this software download 32BIT & 64BIT and I get the same results time after time. I have a very excellent knowledge with computers and building systems to.
SORRY Comodo you have a software glitch and very noticeable as you see. To many mine and other computers having samo, samo.
I really think your firewall program will solve alot of my problems involving my security. I started with DOS installs Windows 3.1 and graduated to Windows 8 installs.
NOW, it’s your turn ( baby) ie problem. Look elsewhere into your software and edit ( correct ) the issues that you’ll find there.
PLEASE, fix it so all I and other computers can install your Comodo Firewall software. I really want Comodo Firewall.
Thank You Richard (truckerich)

Truckerich. Please don’t crosspost.

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