this firewall hasen't impressed me

:frowning: I’m coming over from Zone Alarm Pro and I may have made a mistake. I read an article in my latest PC Magazine that said Comodo firewall was great. well, I just tried to go to my SBC DSL account by signing in with user name and password and I get page cannot be displayed. My home page comes up OK, but I can’t sign in. I bring up the CPF and security settings say custom: this means all security restrictions set by you are applied. What restrictions? I suggest you make the word restrictions some kind of link that takes me to these restrictions. I find that if I set sevurity to allow all I can sign in. I noticed too that I couldn’t get my license to confirm until I set security to Allow All. What good is custom setting, if I have to do that?

Restrictions refer to rules that are inside the firewall. By default, Comodo blocks every incoming request that it thinks is unsolicited. Can you tell me whether you are using the 2Wire supplied by SBC or are you using the SpeedStream DSL modem? Also, go in Activity → Logs and see what has been blocked so someone here could help you further.
Good Luck! :slight_smile:

Hi would you try this rule posted here and see if it helps?

How can you get Comodo to remember what program that was already approve, every time I open IE - it’s ask me over and over.