This e-mail - is it genuine?

Just had an e-mail purporting to be from Comodo. It’s not to the address that I gave for these forums but it might be the one that I used when v2.4 needed to be registered.

I’ve only looked at it on the server, as it’s 10kB and so big enough to be a threat.


“Comodo Group Inc.”

Message (I’ve put extra // in, just in case):

"Click to view this email in a browser=20

Dear Comodo Software User:

Thank you for choosing Comodo for your PC security needs. We respect
the trust you have placed in us to make your Internet experience as
safe and trusted as possible. We=E2=80=99re working around the clock to ma=
it more so.

We recently introduced Comodo UserTrust, an unbiased rating and review
service for Internet sites. With UserTrust you can make more informed
buying decisions and help your fellow online consumers do the same by
sharing the experiences you=E2=80=99ve had with online businesses. =20

Right now we=E2=80=99re in the process of introducing UserTrust to online
merchants and other websites that would benefit from UserTrust and you
can help. Please go to and let us know the
names of any websites you feel would be better with UserTrust and
we=E2=80=99ll invite them to participate. If you happen to own or work fo=
r a
company with an e-commerce website you can add UserTrust in just
minutes, and at no charge.=20

For more details please visit:



By helping us grow the number of businesses giving you a voice, you
are helping yourself and other online users to get more of what you
want online and less of what you don=E2=80=99t. Join us in making a

Thanks again.

yes it is.

We use a 3rd party company called Vertical Response. its them…
thanks for checking


Thanks Melih; I might be a bit paranoid, but…

It was in the same check as a Failed Delivery from Postmaster - 140kB!