This Beta sounds a little like BoClean

Was reading a enewsletter and saw comments about Comodo. Linked to his name and his site and found comments about a new beta to stop malware in real time.

Sure sounds a little like BoClean


If you mean Verification Thing I would agree but how is it like BOCLean?

I agree with that. There’s other real-time monitoring secuirty products that existed before BOClean, like Spybot’s TeaTimer, Lavasoft’s Ad-watch and PC Tools’ Spyware Doctor.


lol I thought that PC spyware doctor was a Fake program lol …but now I feel stupid,

Uh oh. It’s not fake lol…

I only used a old version that was avaliable thru where you could scan instead of having real-time protection. Don’t use it tho. Why pay when you got Comodo? ;D


The Free Trial version of Spyware Doctor does not delete.

But take a look at the “Starter” version found in the Google Pack. Does more than the free trial version but the paid version does more.


The latest version of Spyware Doctor is offering a free version with limited real time protection and full scanning and removal plus update features. You can get it from Google Pack


It seems to be like BOC in that it uses a non-file-scanning, real-time protection to stop malware from running; it says, though, that it uses behavioral algorithms to spot the malicious activity, rather than definitions, which seems it would be more like a heuristic engine.

Reminds me more of SpywareGuard, though, given there’s some site protection as well; if I recall correctly, SG has some of that with it (it’s possible I’m thinking of SpywareBlaster, tho…).

As far as other, possibly pre-existent active protection applications, BOC is different in that it’s not a file-scanner. I don’t know (or really care) which company/product came first, but I do know that BOC was around long before Comodo bought it…