thinkpad thinkvantage wireless access lockup

My Thinkpad locks up when I try to configure Thinkvantage Wireless Access Connections. When it does, the CIS alert box is completely blank and all the desktop icons flicker constantly. CIS is version 3.9.xxxx.509 and Access Connections is version 5.2.

Try making Thinkpad a Trusted software Vendor under Defense + → Common task → My Trusted Software Vendors. Also delete any rules made for Thinkpad in Defense + and Firewall to make sure things will work out.

Or put D+ and Firewall in Training mode for a couple of minutes so it will learn the rules without notifications.

Thanks, Eric,
Those are helpful tips. Also, there was an update for the Access Connections program available so I installed it and the problem is less of an issue (although still there for some purposes) so I will make it trusted and see what happens.