Thinking of switching to CIS please help

Hope im asking this in the right section sorry im new to the forum. Currently I have Avast as my anti-virus and im using Comodo’s firewall been really happy with this setup. But i have a few question cause im really considering going CIS i did a lot of research on CIS and im really amazed at how it prevents. I use Avast because i sometimes download things from P2P networks and Avast scans everything i download, how and would Comodo Internet Security protect me from P2P downloads like Avast do. Comodo have a lot of other free products, with CIS would i need the Cloud scanner, anti malware scanner, and anti spam. Forgot to mention im also using Geswall, with CIS since it have HIP’s would they conflict and would i even need to have Geswall since Comodo’s good at prevention. Dragon is my favorite web browser but its not supported with Geswall is this on Comodo end or Geswall. Finally with all of Comodo’s programs is there anything Comodo have that detects root kits i looked at all the products but i dont see anything that says it detects root kits. Think thats all and hope i get the answers i’m looking for because i really would like to go CIS.

Welcome to the Forums, Wblake.

Let’s try to answer your questions.

Malware can and sometimes does reside on users’ computers. But, malware itself is not dangerous unless it is accessed or in memory. Comodo took this into consideration when it designed its AV. You do not need to have multiple scanners active to receive full protection.
This also lessens the memory footprint CIS has.
CIS is a full security suite. You do not require nor need anything else to know you are fully protected.
It is unwise to run two HIPS software, two AV (active scanning), or two firewalls at the same time, as you may experience strange and unexplainable things.
You should disable and uninstall Geswall first prior to installing CIS. If you have Windows firewall active, disable that also. Revo is a good software to remove/uninstall software.
CIS also protects from Buffer Overflow attacks.
CIS is a full HIPS software which will protect your system from unknown malicious software. It also protects your registries from unwanted changes.
The firewall offers local and global in and out protection against unwanted LAN/WAN communication.
CIS now includes a form of sandbox, that provides limited and no access to your system, thus preventing unknown software from doing any harm. Additional sandbox information can be found here.
CIS loads its kernal module first upon bootup. This is also protected from ever being killed/disabled/modified. If your GUI is ever disabled/closed, this module remains running and defaults to Deny anything not already known, thus ensuring you are always protected, from Bootup to shut down.
CIS works with Dragon. I have seen no issues myself, and I use Dragon and CIS constantly.
CIS does not detect rootkits afaIk.
CIS is extremely light on resources, so it functions even on minimal systems.

If there are any other questions, please feel free to ask.

this is the only test I could find relating comodo to rootkits, also remember this test is of comodo 3.8, a long time ago.

Comodo produced uneven numbers for detecting and removing rootkits--stealth malware used to hide infections from PC users and security software alike. Comodo Internet Security successfully detected 100 percent of the inactive rootkits, and 80 percent of the active rootkits. But it removed only 66 percent of the active rootkits--the lowest percentage of the security suites tested.

so with CIS i wouldn’t need Comodo other free scanners. i have windows firewall turned of, to install CIS after i uninstall Avast and Geswall should i uninstall Comodo firewall and install it when i install CIS or would it still integrate so i dont have to uninstall the firewall. with CIS would it support all my web browsers unlike Geswall who dont support Dragon. my browsers are IE, Google, Firefox, Opera, and Dragon. in the future is Comodo working on anything that detects rootkits

CIS works with all other web browsers. Strange Geswall would not work with Dragon, since it is Google Chrome-based.
What version of Comodo Firewall do you currently have installed?
If it is the most recent, go to Windows Start/All Programs/Comodo/CIS. Select the option to change/Add programs. This will allow you to add the full suite to what is already installed.
Personally, I prefer clean installs. I find less issues that way.
With respect to rootkits, I do not have an answer to that for you at this time.

languy reviews like that is why a lot of people still dont trust Comodo but that was the old Comodo version people still think its the same. but i personally like Comodo would be nice to see them in the next AV-Comparatives testing and review to see results on how it compare with the competition, preventing test i know Comodo will win that one. finally Languy your youtube videos is awesome after i looked at your videos reviewing and testing CIS it made my decision to switch a little easier keep up the good work i applaud guys like you who test things for us. you should come to yahoo answers and help me sway people into using CIS show them your videos.

i have the most up to date firewall i keep everything updated, ok i think i will just do a clean install to avoid any issues that may come up thanks

It’s not a bad idea to have a few other on-demand scanners. I’d advise using SuperAntiSpyware,Malwarebytes, and Hitman Pro.

I do not like SuperAntiSpyware.
I created a portable version to scan on demand.

I never actually used it because there was no available documentation to tell me if it would scan all folders in all partitions and all drives on my computer, or whether I would have a “last ditch” possibility to regulate how much of the computer to scan.
I was not prepared to risk launching and finding negligible progress after an hour and having to decide whether to leave it running throughout the day and night, or whether to risk trying to abort.

NB I allowed Secunia to do an on-line scan - no problem when it used the default configuration of only looking for software that was installed in the “standard” locations.
I wondered about Portable Open-Office/Firefox/Thunderbird so chose the alternative option,
but unfortunately it did not let me tell it the drive they were installed on - instead it trawled through every possible folder/file on Drive C:\ and had not finished after half an hour, and I decided it would take all day to do all partitions on all drives so I chose to stop the scan. I do not know what went wrong, but there-after there were many serious errors on every start-up - system restore did not correct it (I never thought it would), and I had to restore an Acronis Disc Image (created brand new that morning - otherwise I would not have risked Secunia).
So if Secunia (which is supposed to ONLY report) can damage a system when a scan is aborted,
I do not like the prospects of an active malware fighter have to abort a fix.

Also, in the absence of SuperAntiSpyware documentation, I feared it might trash WITHOUT MY AUTHORISATION everything which it did not like.

I never used it and uninstalled this portable brute.

Portable - should NOT pollute the registry
REALITY the Event Viewer reports the system error every time the P.C. reboots.

The following boot-start or system-start driver(s) failed to load: SASDIFSV SASKUTIL
If an ON-DEMAND scanner changes my configuration without warning to incorporate and launch two executables every time it starts, what else does it do ? Does it phone home as well ! !