Thinking aloud about uninstalling securely...

I was thinking in the following scenario: you’re into Windows and decide to uninstall Comodo, choose a snapshot and boot… If, for any reason, the snapshot is compromised, you already started the uninstall procedure and, probably, won’t be able to stop it.

Wouldn’t it be safe with a second boot?
First you boot, the console loads, the snapshot is restored, you get into Windows again, then on the boot process, the uninstallation process begins removing the Comodo files, console, MBR changes, etc. etc. A second boot is required to finish the process (now without choosing the snapshot).

Am I wrong?

When you uninstall CTM Windows, you need to choose the snapshot you want to uninstall to. Then you need to restart. Sub-console restore to the snapshot and uninstall itself during startup. When you enter Windows again, sub-console and so on were removed already. Then CTM installer will clean files on Windows.

After you enter windows again after uninstall, CTM doesn’t exist already. So that need not restart again.

That’s all.


Precisely. I’m asking if a change in this order wouldn’t be safer.

  1. Start process of uninstalling CTM and choose the snapshot you want to uninstall to.
  2. Boot and sub-console restore of the snapshot.
  3. Enter into Windows and the uninstall process continues asking if this snapshot is ok the process could continue.
  4. Boot and the sub-console uninstall itself during startup.
  5. Enter Windows again and CTM clears its files.

If the snapshot fails, there is no return!

Oh. I understood your mean right now. Your advice is good too. I will think on this.
Anyway, we should prompt more detailed information for notifying this during uninstall. Thanks for your notification. :-TU


Thanks for taking it into account.
In fact, the uninstallation will be two phases: one a snapshot restoration (as the same as the program already does) and add a new startup entry to invoke the removal of the files and console on next boot.