things do not stay in sandbox

After installing V4, I rebooted. Several CIS popped up several programmes that were going to be placed in the sandbox. I opted to keep them in the sandbox. But now, whenever I shut and restart one of those programmes, or reboot, I have to reply to keep in the sandbox again.

Any help appreciated


In the current sandbox implementation it is possible there will be Set Global Hook and COM interface access alerts.

Comodo is working on this egemen told us.

There is no need to choose any option if you wish to keep such executable in the sandbox (nor even the 1st time):
That notification dialog warn you anytime any executable will be automatically sandboxed and this will happen every-time (the same executable will be automatically sandboxed)

Using Defense+ Tasks > Sandbox> Programs in the Sandbox it would be possible to choose what applications will be sandboxed (and configure the restrictions) without triggering the notification.

You could decrease the number of seconds such notification is kept on screen to have the notification disappear soon enough (eg 10 seconds):
Defense+ Tasks > Sandbox > Sandbox Settings \Alert Settings\ Keep notification alerts on the screen for (seconds).

Or by using Defense+ Tasks > Sandbox > Sandbox Settings \Alert Settings\ “Show notifications for automatically sandboxed processes” it would be possible to disable the notification dialog.