They suggest me WinPatrol... But is it better of Defense+ or is the contrary?

My friends have spoken to me of this beatiful program, WinPatrol 2008… But I have read something about it and it seems a lot like Defense+ of Comodo… What do you think? Which is better than the other?

Thank you for your comments.

Defence+ stops processes before the change happens. I believe WinPatrol warns you after a change has been made and I don’t think it monitors so much. I tried it a year or so ago and it was no good for me.

I dont really see the point in bashing this product, but it adds nothing of value. It’s not tested, and would probably not do well in a hips test of some sort. D+ is proven and passes many hard brutal leaktest that most PAID solutions FAILS, as for a HIPS the PROTECTION offered by D+ will bash winpatroll 2008 big time. But winpatroll adds some stuff to speed up your computer, and that is not necessary dumb, but really nothing of value.

I would use D+ if I where you. Actually I would throw out any antivirus and firewall and go with CIS hole package!

As for the speed up futures that winpatroll has added, they are mostly built in in windows already.
If you want to speed things you might want to check How to use MSCONFIG: a tourial how you disable (unnecessary) startup programs. If by some reason that fails and a program start anyway, try sysinternals autoruns, however this is a very powerful tool and should be used with caution as It might kill things.

D+ has active task listing and block and for help how to disable services check: ← If you run XP ← if you run vista.
As that too speeds up things.

Thank you! I understood. I will continue to run Comodo and Defense+, and I will not install WinPatrol…
Thank you again.

Let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater, folks.
Winpatrol FREE as a HIPS isn’t in Defense Plus’ league, (I understand the PAID version has active HIPS. The free scans for certain key things periodically, if you select them.)

Winpatrol free offers some great features without interfering at all with Comodo:
a visual means of viewing / starting/ stopping services & almost everything else on the computer with one click. Shut down active x on the fly/ make an auto-start programs start later than the rest of the auto-starts to free up resources/ prevent file association changes (ever had an upgrade on a music player & suddenly it assigns itself all the music formats? Winpatrol will alert you when an install is attempting to make this kind of change & you can choose to allow or block it. It will tell you that an install is setting up something to auto-run , so you can accept or deny it during the install.

For me, Winpatrol reamains a must have!