These are my views on PrivDog and AdTrustMedia.

AdTrustMedia are not trying to Monopolize the advertising market.
Anyone not using PrivDog will still be able to view or block advertising the same as they do now.
If PrivDog becomes big (Popular) enough that advertising agencies start to hurt, then and only then might we see a difference in advertising policies.

Advertising agencies can still advertise on any site, with no involvement from AdTrustMedia.
If advertising agencies wants to advertise on any site without being blocked by PrivDog, well then they can as long as the strict guidelines set by AdTrustMedia are adhered to.

We all dislike certain advertising, but if all internet users blocked all advertising then the era of free internet would diminish.
PrivDog will block any advertising that is deemed to be inappropriate taking into consideration the nature of the site being viewed.

ABC pre-school learning sites, advertising their own products or even other children’s products/services might be allowed (Not blocked) as long as the advertising guidelines are followed.
The same site advertising adult content or any other inappropriate content in relation to the nature of the site will be blocked.
The same would be if the scenario was reversed.
Who would want to see children’s products or services, when viewing non children’s sites.
Looking at a site on how to tile a bathroom, well then children’s products would be inappropriate and be blocked.
Where as a tiles brochure advertisement might be acceptable as long as the advertising guidelines are followed.

Other malicious type advertising will also be chewed up by the Dog.
No more adverts like ‘you have registry errors buy me now’, or the annoying bogus pop-ups flashing you in the face ‘you are the 10,000 visitor you have won’.
No more uninvited unexpected downloads just from loading a site for viewing.

Every time someone invites a site to show on their computer and adverts are seen, the site owner or agency receive revenue.
This is fair enough and helps keep the internet free for use.

But if your location you are based or which sites you have last visited or any other browsing data is recorded, this can then form a tracked profile Database and can be used for further advertising or even sold for revenue targeting a specific audience.
This is unfair and uninvited.

So inappropriate advertising is not just about the nature of the advertising in relation to the site you are viewing, but it also intercepts the creation of users browsing profiles and helps curb malicious activity.

Inappropriate advertising can be harmful for your personal privacy, your computer and even the innocence of our children.

No advertising will be harmful to all parties, the advertising agencies and companies products or services, the site owner, and the end user (Us) as free internet would be a thing of the past.
Appropriate advertising is beneficial to all parties, the advertising agencies, the companies products and services, the site owner will all receive revenue in one way or another, all while contributing to keeping the internet free for use and you never know you may find some of the appropriate advertising useful.

So as you can see, PrivDogs intention is not to block all advertising but it will minimize it quite dramatically and make internet browsing a much more pleasurable experience.

Is AdTrustMedia trying to monopolize the advertising market? No.
Is AdTrustMedia trying to regulate the advertising market? Yes.
If it was possible (Not likely) that PrivDog was used by every single internet user, well then AdTrustMedia has become successful at monopolizing the regulation of advertising.

Thanks for reading my views on PrivDog.

I agree with all of that. It’s very well said.

Thank you Dch48. :slight_smile:

Thanks for that!

Our aim is to “empower end users”.
We empower it by creating a platform where user’s control the advertising. Today you our users have no choice (apart form blocking) to see legitimate ads only.

With PrivDog we create a healthy advertising world where users, advertisers and publishers are happy.
its a win-win for everyone!

Thanks for the very well put views.