There was an DDOS ATTACK UDP Flood attack at my pc?

Hi all,

Love the firewall i was just looking in my logs tonight and i seen a
DDOS ATTACK UDP Flood attack at my pc?

The Duration was 23sec, packets 234, attackers 512,
it said that the firewall has switched to EMERGENCY mode!!
Do things like this happen a lot to people why would someone want to attack me?

I know its prob some kind of Hack running on pc’s
it did look like the firewall might have stoped it?

must i worry about something like this?
Keep up the good work on the firewall i really love it!!

They are only serious when they can shutdown a firewall. A pro hacker will try shutdown your firewall and get in through online program exploits or netbios. A beginner will do it just to temporarily cutoff/slow down your internet.

Any file sharing apps on at the time?