Theme that can make the toolbars a little wider/taller?

I just started using this, and like what I see so far. I do have one question–the toolbars (bookmarks bar, urlbar, and the title/tabs bar) all seem a bit narrower or shorter than in other browsers.

Is there a way I can make them a bit taller–or a theme that I can apply that will do this for me (even better)?

Hi paulri,
Sorry, I do not know of any possible way to re-size the toolbars in Chromium based browsers.

Kind regards.

OK thanks anyways for the rapid response.

Sorry I was of no help.

An answer is always of (some) help, even if its not the one I was looking for. ;D

And a quick reply lets me know that this is a place that supports the software that they sponsor, which is more than I can say for Google.