[THEME BUG] Themes Close / Minimize / Maximize buttons

Comodo Dragon ver 26.0

Win 7 x32 - Desktop in Windows Classic mode ( Aero not in use )

^^ Problem is not limited to this version, theme Close / Minimize and Maximize buttons have not displayed correctly for quite a few versions previously


Top theme in the screenshot - The double overlaid gadgets is unique to version 26.0 ( it has not happened before this version )

Middle theme in the screenshot - The Maximise button graphic being cut off has been a problem with many versions of Dragon

Bottom theme in the screenshot is showing the double gadget overlay problem is not unique to one theme.

The double overlay gadgets do not occur consistently, seemingly random.

Here is a link to one of the above themes by Yulia Brodskaya

Here is a link to another theme by Roman Nurik ( I believe he is one of Googles staff ) which will reliably show both of the above problems ( keep it installed for a while, reload browser etc … take it through its paces )

Though I have cut it off mostly - I do have the Bookmarks toolbar visible all the time ( whether this will make a difference to displayed gadgets above idk /shrug )

Edit : Just closed the browser, and then reloaded, and this one occurred …


here the same but with a different theme

:slight_smile: Good, I am not going mad then …

The double overlay just happened again with Roman Nuriks Robot theme, but then it refreshed without the double overlay …

Leaving behind a graphical artifact of the overlay in the upper left of the screen


And lastly, this is without any theme installed ( I went into AppData and deleted the theme files and folders )


I would also like to mention I am using windows 7 x32 in a classic mode ( not using Aero ) - I have edited the first post to include this information previously omitted.

Many versions later - Still have the same problem

Using version 31 of Dragon, and currently trying the following Theme :

Results in the slightly cut off Maximise gadget


confirmed +1,
I am using this theme and the same problem is here. :-TD


It no longer exists, it is no more … etc

Chrome Secure Black Edit : Sorry I mean Comodo Dragon v36 onwards does not have this problem

So Comodo Chrome Secure Dragon team can stand down from emergency stations, you no longer need to lose any sleep over this concern …

… originally reported in march 2013. Indirectly you finally managed to fix it, yey. Wheres Melih, rousing speech, tea and stickies for the team are called for I feel.