The "you make me blush..BITE ME!" virus

Hi! need to find out how i can remove the “You make me blush…BITE ME!” talking ad…it some how got into my pc! now its always repeating that annoying message!

I have COMODO, can it work?


Please HELP ME!!!


Hahahah. Isn’t that just a normal web advertisement? I used to get that when I hovered the mouse over an add.

Oh! :-[

WOW!, just thought i was a victim of some major attack! anyway that ad is really annoying!

But its strange that the “Voice” kept on playing even after i had shut down my web browser?!! is that common too?


even tried several scannong progs, to see if the malware was in the system!

That sounds bad.

Do this guide:

Keep us updated…

He’s not infected…

I have the same experience.

One of my firends told me, “Hey~~~~~~I’m infected!!!Please help me”.

I’ve checked his PC, but couldn’t find any suspicious stuffs.
So, I’ve asked him describe the situation.
It was…MSN Messenger’s mouse over AD…

1.go to following link and follow the unintall instruction.
2.go to Adaware: The Best FREE Antivirus & ad block and install ‘Ad-aware’ Free edition. ‘Ad-aware’
5.remove rest of’s trash. can do it from no.4

Do not install anything from ‘’.
It can be installed by other programs.
It’s not a malware but annoying.