"The virus signature database is NOT up to date"

this topic was earlier but forum advice was create new

why its after 2 days always not up to date ?

i keep my computer 24/7 on, and this yellow mark on tray annoyes me
always gotta click to fix it
here is version of cis


Hi Fongar,
Have you got the ‘Check for database updates’ enabled?
Also be sure it is not one of the other options available stopping the automatic updates.
Configure Program and Virus Database Updates-Comodo Help

Kind regards.

yes i have

I am not sure what is happening, sorry.
There have been some recent issues with the update servers in certain geographical locations, but I do not think this is related to your issue considering manual updates appear to work as expected for you.

In case the scheduled task is corrupt I would consider disabling the update setting and selecting OK, then re-enabling the setting in the hope it resets the task.

i tried latest what u suggested, today comodo sayd same not updated
if i uninstall then what folders i delete before new install, but i dont want to lose my program settings (easy to get back but just asking)
prog files comodo ? delete
progx64 comodo ? delete
app data comodo ? delete

iam sure just uninstaller dont delete all

and offcourse when i uninstall all and downloaded newest installer my network cable is off

Hi Fongar,
Your configuration settings can be exported to a file and imported after your new installation.
Importing/Exporting and Managing Personal Configurations-Comodo Help

Before uninstalling export the configuration file to known location not within the CIS folders, as all folders related to CIS should be removed during the uninstall process.