The Very, For Sure, Worst Anti-Virus Program Ever

I just had to register to tell Comodo what I think of your product. It sucks! Not only does it hog resources, your cloud is pathetically slow. Top it off with the fact that I installed it three days ago as a trial and it still hasn’t verified all the files. This PC is on 14 hrs a day minimum. Then today a new version comes along and now wants to start the cloud verification process all over again. At the rate it was going it would take 10-20 days. Gee I wonder what a virus or worm could do in that period of time?

This product is pathetic. Better go back to the design board. I’ve got over 20 years experience in the computer industry. McAfee and Norton are better than this and that isn’t saying much.

You should read few topics in this forum before installing to save yourself from troubles.
Try again in few weeks…it should be totally different story then.

To be perfectly honest, this product should still be considered Beta.
A user download this from the main website as Final, expecting it to work as such, the majority would not even think of going to a forum to be inform of the “Valkyrie” bug.


I am trying latest release CCAV on Win 10 64 And everything, boot, system response, programs response, etc… is slow.
I didn’t run full scan on my system as it needs very long time.

I wonder, CCAV is heavy or full scan is required for smooth operation?

Scroll down and read the two comments from cruelsister…

Hi thisproductsucks,
CCAV has changed much since you tried.

We suggest to give a try and share your experience.
It has gone through following trans formative releases and you should have much pleasant experience now:

v426: Released on Jan 25, 2017

  • Changes the way CCAV works with respect to Valkyrie

v452: Released on Feb 24, 2017

  • Scanning is fast and cloud is always up

v476: Released on Mar 21, 2017

  • CCAV performance is vastly improved, impact on system very low

In case you have any problem, happy to look into and solve.