The Verification Engine

I already have the Mcafee Site advisor .Do I need to un-install this if I install the Comodo Verification engine ??

I am now 3 weeks into installing and using Comodo Firewall and antivirus . I am suitably impressed by comodo `s performance .

Over the years I think I have tried vertually every Firewall and antivirus program there is ; both paid for and free ; But I am finding Comodo very easy to get on with . Give it : another 3 or 4 weeks and I can see me going for the paid for version of Comodo security . :THNK

Eh, Verification Engine will tell you if you are on a good site, and not a fake phishing site. (authentication for economic related sites; banks, shopping carts (anything that deals with money or ordering))

Site advisor i think only tells you if there is reported malware infection on a site before going to it.(Prevention of malware)

  • Jacob

Thank you Jacob.