The ver 6 firewall,let me down

Have been accustomed to using v5。But v6? I want to know clear detail like v5.

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Egemen hast stated that after a few releases they will be adding a detailed section of the status of the functions of Comodo 6. Just have to be patient. there will be a change.

You can see more details if you hit the dropdown arrow in the middle of the top box.

Thank you for your answer。Are you referring to this?

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The other two issues: where is this two functions?

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Yes, but it may not have enough information.

You need to install KillSwitch. When you go to see active connections, you will be prompted to install KillSwitch. It’s a separate download.

Very thank you for your answer. This separate inconvenient to use.

I agree and Killswitch can be a dangerous thing in the wrong hands. You shouldn’t have to install it to see things that are basic features of other suites and that used to be basic to CIS.