The theme can not be changed CD ver18.3

I have updated CD from ver18.1 to ver18.3. I was trying to change my browsers theme via Chrome Webstore then an ERROR MESSAGE pops up(as shown in Figure 1), my assessment is to RESET TO DEFAULT THEME which can be located at dragon://settings/personal (as shown in Figure 4 COMODO Dragon ver18.1) but as I navigate to dragon://settings/personal, THEMES is missing (Figure 2), instead of re-installing CD, I tried the portable version (Figure 3) without sync or any Extensions enabled, THEMES is still missing. Was THEMES removed in CD ver18.3 or AM I the only one having this problem >:-D

Figure 1

Figure 2 COMODO Dragon version 18.3

Figure 3 COMODO Dragon version 18.3 (portable)

Figure 4 COMODO Dragon version 18.1 (from another workstation)

It’s a “feature” not a bug…

Hopefully this will change :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response. I guess will have to wait for the next update of CD. cheers…

It’s not a “feature” since a “feature” usually connotes a favorable thing not an unfavorable one.

Some ppl are complaining. I’m sure they will hear us.

Add another one to the list who is complaining. I would certainly consider this a bug! :-TD

It will be back:

I will lock this topic in favour of Post here if you want Comodo Dragon to support theme changing again.

That way we keep things from scattering. There are also various comments in the release topic about this.