The sound has disappeared! [Resolved]

Hi, so sorry to introduce myself to your boards with a problem-Ii have searched for a similar solution, without success, and I am really stuck. So its a 'hello to all' (:WAV)and here is my problem as follows; I installed comodo a few days ago and its a great firewall (thanks!) but since then, I am unable to get any sound on my computor. Tried to listen to something on myspace and also I have some of my own tracks stored in itunes and each time I have tried to play stuff, theres no sound. I really dont want to uninstall comodo, but Im unable to work out what to do and just what has gone wrong?
Also, forgive me for saying so, but everyone seems very computor savvy and although Im not quite a beginner, Im having some difficulty understanding most of the things you talk about.
Sure I`ll learn as I go though, so no worries.
Anyway, any advice you could give would be much appreciated thanks.


This sounds like a really strange problem. If you go to Administrative Tools in the Control Panel and click Event Log, is there possible any errors for svchost.exe?
Also, if you open Run and write services.exe, then scroll down to Windows Audio, is it set to Automatic and Enabled?


Hi Ragwing, thanks so much for this-I`ll try it now and then let you know. Is everyone in America?
I may be gone some time (:LGH)

Just been into the Event Log and I can see some errors there, but I havent got the faintest idea what they on about (:LGH) Never even been into that section previously,even. Its funny you should mention psvchost.exe because up until the weekend, I thought that was a virus and when that has popped up in the firewall notification, I havent done anything with it-ie.allow etc. because I didnt know how to, so perhaps its something to do with that. Its clear that you know more about my computor than me (:LGH)
Ive just found out that I can send a ticket to ask for help with a problem, so Im going to do that tomoz. Thanks again (:CLP)

Just to add that my sounds back and all is again, ok. Not too certain if Ive had some help from this end here-Ive obviously done something right-you know how goes it (lol)Im so pleased to have my music back again-lost without my tunes and I hope to learn a little more each day. xxx

I shall mark this with an X (:m*) to signify end of issue. If issue returns PM Rag to open the thread.