The scan UI is not appearing when I right click->scan small files


I just reinstaled my windows 7 x32 bit, and with the latest build of CIS 8.xx when I right click and select to scan for ex: a photo or a small archive, video, etc, some time the UI doesn’t appear, not even after the scan has been completed(less than 2 sec). I just noticed this today, I even installed an old build (still the 8 one) and same behaviour, on task manager I see a cavwp.exe is created each time I start a scan from right click menu, but on small files the UI simply doesn’t appear if all is safe, indeed if a files is infected then the UI appears(asking the actions for that file), its like a time out on cavwp.exe, if there is no detection the (extra)cavwp.exe simply close it self before the UI appears, its known thing/bug that the UI in CIS(form 6 versions till the 8 one) has a lag of 3-5 sec before it appears. When I scan folder the UI shows up(but if I repeat the scan on same folder the files get cached and again same behavior), maybe this is related to that. Can anyone replicate this strange behaviour?

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I’ve just reproduce Windows 7 x32
No problems encounter
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Unconfirmed with Win 8.1 x64 and CIS 8.2 (4792).

Well thanks for that guys.
I really don’t know what to think why this behaviour on a fresh installed windows.
What went wrong?
I will try to install v7 to see if this stuff still exist. If so I will try to reinstal the windows (:NRD)
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