The Road to Better AV Testing (GOOD READ)

All I can say is WOW :o
Take special note of…

“a German computer magazine conducted an experiment, and the results of this experiment were presented at a security conference last October: they created a clean file, asked us to add a false detection for it and finally uploaded it to VirusTotal. Some months later this file was detected by more than 20 scanners on VirusTotal.”


“What we did pretty much replicated what the German computer magazine did last year, only with more samples. We created 20 clean files and added a fake detection for 10 of them. Over the next few days we re-uploaded all twenty files to VirusTotal to see what would happen. After ten days, all of our detected (but not actually malicious) files were detected by up to 14 other AV companies - in some cases the false detection was probably the result of aggressive heuristics, but multi-scanning obviously influenced some of the results.”

AMTSO gets the good nod, Melih isn’t alone in seeing the way forward. :wink:


Thanks for the link mate, a good read indeed! :wink: