the problem with fullscreen applications

Sorry for the poor English, but I have a problem blonde. When activated fullscreen games (which is a lot, for example SS2SE, engage and many others), they talked on the Internet and firewall to block them. All as needed. No! PC pop-up window is not visible-fullscreen application closes it! It is a long, or wait until the program will cease to make attempts to go on the Internet or fine companies. (a dumb situation, and how to withdraw from it, I do not know .Podskazhite. this is translate Google Translate

HI Hoc,
If you change the Firewall Security Mode and the Defense+ Security Mode temporarily to “Training Mode” and then running the program then CPF will Learn the program you are running and not display any pop-ups. Alternatively if you Press the Windows Button on your keyboard this will Minimize the game so that you will be able to see the pop-up. The problem relates to the fact that full screen games run at often a different resolution than your standard desktop.

Hope this helps!


Thank you, I still do. The problem is that often the game does not use standard Windows keys. It just hangs, waiting for a response from the Internet. To solve this situation “peaceful” methods fails.

I know that your game itself won’t use the Windows button but you can still press it on your keyboard. the other idea is to exit the application as soon as you suspect a pop-up and then select allow before running the game again.

Reading through CPF3 Help here:

It appears that you may need to add the game files as trusted manually or do what I had suggested previously. “Training mode” for the firewall should just learn the connection.

Sorry, I’m not much help here, not an online gamer.


Read my sticky. Also you can just manually add all your game exe’s to the firewall and D+ as trusted. Make sure you also add PunkBusters A and B.