The priority of D+ rules

Hi, all
I meet a question about priority of D+ rules between normal application and 'all application".
I do some test cases, then I got something like this,

  1. the D+ apply the rule from up to down.and the rule maybe belong to the application, or belong to “All application”.
  2. the priority of “allow” or “block” is higer then “ask”.

but i found a question, if i set “deny terminate a process” in “all application”. then i cant terminate any process.
If i drag "all application " to bottom of rule list, I still cant terminate by tskill or taskmgr.

so i confused, need your help.
thank you very much.

Hello guorke,

Do the tskill or taskmgr have rules in your D+ ? and if so do they have the “terminate process” rights ?
I think if they don’t have the explicit “permit” in this case the “all applications” deny can overrule the others.

IIRC “all application” rule is a way to define some common access rights/protections for all application without answering alerts and will work that way regardeless of its position.