The only company who beat Verisign in their own game!



Comodo has now become the No 1 company in the High Assurance Certificate Market worldwide.

However, whichssl is owned by Comodo so I can’t trust it as a source of information regarding competition

Just look at Google Trend to see who has a more sought after brand according to Google

Actually, it’s GoDaddy:

GoDaddy is a domain registrar/webhosting company who happens to be selling certificates, just like any other large domain registrar and hosting company who also sell certificates.

We are talking about pure CAs. And Godaddy is selling certificates.


Hullo Mehlih. I am a new member but have been using your fabulous Firewall for many months, and there is nothing anywhere that I have seen that can match your Firewall for both it’s sheer excellence and beautiful Interface. Mehlih, I urgently need your advice about two strange files that got onto my XP3 System after a reinstall of the Operating System and at the end of several days of updating it. When the updationg was finished, Comodo “Sandboxed” these two files:



Have you seen such files as these Mehlih?

Thank you very much again for your superb Firewall.

searchengine is your friend :slight_smile:

but dont forget, for every file there is a page which tells you " VIRUS!!!, load our cleaner, make our online scan" :wink: ------- DONT!

find a trusted source, or at least a source which tries to explain without other intentions.
internet is the chance to find answers without waiting for someone else. just dont forget to filter what you see.

Congrats Melih.

You and Comodo deserve this achievement.

Quote from Melih

but wait…..

The work of “Creating Trust Online” has just began……

In the Certicate field? Or are you preparing a new surprise for us Comodo products users? Will you give us just a small hint?


Comodo has now become the No 1 company in the High Assurance Certificate Market worldwide.


Then I believe something has to be change on this link:

[b]Business Products[/b] Comodo is a certificate authority, and is the second-largest issuer of business-validated certificates.

I just checked the stats by Google as referred to in the original article of 2010 and Comodo name is still going strong. :-TU

Comodo has a MUCH MUCH more sought after brand than Verisign

Now we are gunning after Symantec :wink:

Give it a go and make them uncomfortable… :slight_smile:

You know… VeriSign is only the CA…
Comodo is the CA and makes a lot of software like CIS, CPM etc.

So, this statistic may refer to the certs and software as well.

Well, VeriSign is already Symantec.
So actually is a “good” competitor for COMODO, but not a real challenge.
Its just matter of time for COMODO to come over Symantec Security Products.
And many of us are helping little tiny sand-size time. 8)

I have made an error with the file listings; they should be:



Two questions for you Melih,

Why GoDaddy is not considered “pure CA”, and it is included in the CAB Forum (see here list of CA). How can you explain that?

If it sells Starfield Certificates, why is Starfield not listed as a CA at the CAB Forum list of CAs (and GoGaddy the reseller its)?

if a company’s main income is not digital certificates then its not a pure CA.

This is very confusing. Dont get me wrong. Im just trying to understand the CAs world.
PURE CA is not based in the income or how or what way the the money is made.

CA is an entity that issues digital certificates. <---- PERIOD
Source: Certificate authority - Wikipedia

Can it be said now, that Symantec is no longer a pure CA since the main income its protection software?

Note: GoDaddy is finally an official CA, correct? Maybe not PURE since it resells hosting and domain. But its listed as a CA at the CAB forum.

I don’t understand what you are trying to achieve with this?

Comparison is made purely between success of CA brands…you can’t compare a non CA brand with a CA brand.

I just want to understand why GoDaddy is considered a non CA brand, if the CAB Forum consider it is (because its a member). Plus, seems its not reselling StarFieldTech anymore (I have no way to base this).

In simple terms, why Symantec, GeoTrust, Comodo are considered CAs, and GoDaddy is not, if its issuing its own certificates? Im not trying to achieve something. Like I said, please dont get me wrong.

Perhaps this is something I need to answer myself with time and experience.

we are comparing brands here…

which brand made it on the CA market etc…

you can’t compare brands that “made” it in other markets and then became a CA etc etc…

Melih didn’t say GoDaddy wasn’t a CA. He stated not a pure CA.