The New Version Released - CESM 1.1.1822.42

The New Version Of CESM Is Available On

For Vista\XP 32bit:

For Vista\XP 64bit:

Sticky & Small Changes to post. :slight_smile:


Changelog would be nice, as per Egemen’s release notes.

1 problem (Defense+ not learn correctly):
If i set Defense+ config to training, when i get config back - it have only one learned application(last learned) in “Access Rights>Run and executable” for many applications as: explorer.exe, cmd.exe. rundll32.exe and others.
2 problem (remote management not work correctly):
If i set all “Access Rights>Run and executable” settings in Defense+ manually and then send config to client - it works fine, but if i answer the question for application in “Request Monitor” for this application will be learned only one “Run and executable” application again.

My workstations configuration:

Windows XP SP3 i386 Russian
CIS_RM_Setup_3.8.480.41_x32_XP_Vista.msi - has this issue
CIS_RM_Setup_3.8.482.32_x32_XP_Vista.msi - has this issue

Defense+ Image Execution Control Level is Aggressive

My CESM server configuration:

Windows XP SP2 i386 Russian
CESM_Setup_1.1.1822.42_XP_Vista_x32.msi - has this issue
CESM_Setup_1.2.1994.34_XP_Vista_x32.msi - has this issue

i send my config to workstation ( explorer.exe have 7 allowed application to executable)
[HKLM\SYSTEM\software\Comodo\Firewall Pro\Configurations\0\HIPS\Policy\1\Rules\0\Allowed]
“Num”=dword:00000007 - this key will be set to 1 if Defense+ learn on Training or remote management , and all policies in this root be was not workable, except last learned application.

Please, register at and download free trial of CESM 1.2. There are plenty of bugfixesand some new features in both CESM and CIS.

i already tested this release and it has this issue

Version 1.4.x has been released here:
Version 1.4
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