The new style interface :(

I didn’t know where to post this, but I’ll put it here, move it if you want.

I have installed comodo cleaner and really did not like interface, hope it was just test. Now I see back up has same interface, so I can guess the security suite will have this too. Please don’t.

It’s really badly designed, works terribly on light colored back grounds and. It’s horrible to navigate unless in full screen. The ‘drifting’ buttons are really hit and miss with other windows open, especially with aero. It also not conform to any standard windows interface, XP, Vista of Seven.

Please rethink this, it’s truly a bad design.

Thank you

Ok, you move me, should I post same in backup too?

Yes please… and i can say i support your feelings, i don’t like the new GUI(s) also…
the first impression is a way to “busy” and messy feeling…

ok thanks

I have to concur. I don’t care for the new UI at all.

And I, on the contrary, simply love the new CSC & CBU GUI - except that it’s too slow for my machine. I admit it gets messy when you have other windows behind, and also depending on the desktop background, but for me it looks great.

I think the new gui looks “cheap” and it isn’t as user friendly as the old one was.

I 'm not too keen on these interfaces (CSC and CBU) either :(. Hopefully both will be skinable in the near future. I know looks aren’t everything but… first impressions.


I do like the “transparent part” in the GUI. Kind of a novelty… I feel the icons are a bit clunky. I think the skin would work better if it were a bit darker; it is easy to miss the close and other buttons.

Any ScreenShots please? :slight_smile:

I don’t have any big problems with it, but I’m not fond of those little floaty bits that seem detached in the upper right.

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Looks pretty good judging by the SS. Those “floating” buttons look like they could be a hassle though…

I LOVE the new interface!! :-TU :-TU Much better than the old one. The new one looks like its from this century not 1930. I love it!

When a ui deviates from standard windows convention, there is a risk that the program becomes less intuitive to use. It may in fact be used more efficiently once the deviations are learned. But some deviations make no sense…for example

I can’t seem to find a drop down exit command at the top left corner, nor a minimize/maximize/close icon in the top right corner. Those would be intuitive locations for these functions. In fact, I had found no way to close the program without canceling the task, that is, until the last update, when the close option was added to the right click on the Cleaner icon on the task bar. I suspect that I must be the only one not having found the exit/close command in this ui since no one else has reported a problem in ending the program.

Look at those little floaty bits hovering above the GUI in the in upper right corner of the screenshot I posted. That’s where you’ll find minimize, close, etc…

your not alone

It’s because they decided to get tricky… Notice the floaty bits.

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Thanks Heffed. When I read your response, I was logged on to another computer, so I Remote Desktopped into the computer running System Cleaner, to give another try at seeing the controls. And lo and behold, there they were, as others say ‘hovering’ above the window. What’s the diff between my Remote Desktop view and my local view…the Remote Desktop view did not have the coloured / detailed wallpaper of the local view. The Remote Desktop view was a plain blue background to reduce network traffic requirement. The Remote Desktop was also viewed on a high definition flat screen and the local view on a 10 year old tube. Apparently, the small ‘hovering’ icons disappeared into the background. Since not all of us have plain desktops (read no wallpapers) or high definition flat screen, maybe a case could be made for returning the ‘hovering’ icons back into the window with a more neutral background. As I said in my initial posting, now that I have learned to see the icons, I should have no problem with the gui. In my environment the only loss was moments of aggravation; however in a professional environment, time would have been lost. Although the gui is cool, innovative and interesting, sometimes modifying the design for easy location of controls, saves user time and money.

yes those floating buttons could be changed indeed… but the whole interface looks very very professional and if we talk about usability here, you should think twice before calling the old interface more user friendly… (:WIN)… But hey we can not argue about tastes, let us argue about facts instead! (:WIN)

Personally I’d prefer…

  • a standard windowed mode (can’t see the top right buttons at all against my wallpaper)

  • moving the Help and Misc back into the main part of the GUI - there’s plenty of space next to the clean up, back up and settings tabs

  • and an option to disable transparency (I hate all forms of transparency in GUI just makes it look cheap).