The new FWC results

The new version(439) has been released. So does it fix the bug that cause failure in some tests of FWC. What the exactly score it can get now?(despite the crash7,sss,socksniff, we’ve already ingorned the condition simulated by them) (:LOV)

Are you referring to Matousec? Check their site :wink:

Yeah,but I mean the appearance of version 439 because in ,our technical scientist Egemen said that the new version would fix a bug. I wonder if it ihas been done (:WIN) And can the 439 manage with the failed tests such suspend1&2~

If you go to New Matousec Firewall Challenge (Reply #25) Egemen explains his review of the results. Also gibran at reply #59 explains some of the flaws.

True info. As if the new version is going to be tested or not, that’s unknown… But the bug has been fixed atleast. :wink:


COMODO is #2 again so, I guess it was tested again.

hé hé, now comodo scores great at matousec with build 432, was incredible that some others products were better than comodo, there was a problem for sure and matousec fixed his results.
thanks to him and for his good job, now comodo build 432 scores like it should.

does build 439 fixes things so it would score even better or the score would stay the same?

great job comodo team again :-TU

i don’t think the new build 439 will be tested as matousec doesnt want to retest every products everyday when they release there work cause if they find new ways to bypass eachtime products, they’ll have te retest products every day, after bug is fixed.
now i can be wrong, but i doubt the build 439 will be tested again after build 432 was tested some days ago.
the most important is that errors about comodo scores are fixed and show the real capacity of comodo to protect users with matousec exploits tested.

Oh yes, I forgot. The matousec tester tested it wrong and gave .432 the wrong results, right? So, is that all that was fixed in the results? .439 bug fixes haven’t been tested yet, so CIS could possibly score higher?

According to there rules, They only test every 6 months for certain reasons or something, I forgot where I read it… And yes matousec made a mistake and fixed the results up.


I think your right FaZio.

they did not re-test our latest version, which would claim the no 1 positon.

they simply corrected their mistake and put us no 2 position. (before we issued the latest version)


even this position (#2) will give people a reason to try CIS if they haven’t already. Getting a higher score next testing will just be that much better.

at least COMODO is listed as the #1 FREE FW :wink:

Let a lone, #1 Security Suite. Free or Paid! Oh, I forgot Comodo has the only FREE Suite. :slight_smile: