The new Comodo Unite...what do you think?

Now that we launched the new Comodo Unite, what do you guys think of it?

please let us know your feedback…

You can share your browser…remote access…secure vpn and so on…how do u like these features?

thank you for giving us feedback.


is the download and change log going to be posted here on the forums?

I have been working with Teamviewer for a long time for remote support.
But since a few weeks we started using UNITE to test it out.

We have notice that the connection its not very fast as TeamViewer. Its slower, but dont know if thats intended because of the VPN? (even using the SPEED option instead of QUALITY).

Also notice that remote PCs who have installed CIS, give many problems with the stability of the remote connections. You cannot even do a PING to the user through UNITE. I imagine thats because when UNITE its installed and the new VPN connection its detected and we dont select to be visible by other PCs on the network… then its when the problem starts. Am I right?
If thats so, is there a way to make more compatible UNITE with CIS? That it allows the connection automatically or would that be a security issue?

Also I have notice a bug when you want to login to the site:
When you type in a wrong username, you dont enter the manager (which of course its normal).
But you dont get any error message saying that the username its not found or something like that.

For everything else, its really a good progess. I have a quite few more things but I guess those will be fixed with time.



is the download and change log going to be posted here on the forums?

Available now: