The new CCE 2.1 Beta shuts down during scanning

I have just tested the new CCE 2.1 Beta. It is really improving, but, unfortunately, this version shuts down during scanning like the 2.0 Beta.
I use CIS 5.8, Windows 7 32 bit, no other security software is running in the background.

Thanks for helping me

Yeah, I have had same issue, the only way I found to make latest CCE work is to have its folder off root "C:\CCE" …this is only way it will work for me, in any of the windows program folders and issue appears as soon as you try to do a scan, is very strange :frowning:

Try moving CCE folder to root of the drive and see if that works for you :slight_smile:

Hi AimeeLW & Karniaris:
Please go to ‘.\CCE\Data\CCE\Dumps’ folder, and check whether some dmp files is generated. If dump files are generated, please attach them, thanks.

Best Regards.

How can I add a dmp-file???

Attatch it to your next post. This option can be found under “Additional Options…”

And make it a zip file.

I checked for dump files and there was none, also have tried to generate a dump but strangely CCE now works perfectly no matter where its installation is placed, I wish I could be more help!

Currently setting up a VM with Windows 7 64bit, will see if I can generate a dump in that, so we will seee ;D

Okay I have generated a few dumps with CCE in my VM, have zipped them up and posting them now :slight_smile:

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I have generated a dump-file with CCE, have zipped it and posting it now.

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