The network firewall is not functioning properly

The whole thing is a joke. I click “Fix It!” because it says “The network firewall is not functioning properly!”, but it does nothing. There’s no loading animation on the button, then eventually a network select appears, but Fix It still shows. I click it 100 times and it does nothing. I click game mode and nothing happens.

And where’s all my settings from the previous version??? I had game mode enabled, a custom setup (not “Safe Mode”) with 1000’s of apps in there.

How do I restore my old settings? If I install the previous version, will the old settings still be there? I’m not starting from scratch.

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I split your topic.

When upgrading the old configuration is kept. It can be found in Manage CIS configurations. It is not activated by default you need to activate it yourself. As always make you save your active configuration from time to time in a folde which is not part of the CIS installation folder.

I see one of the drives was not properly installed. Try a clean installation following Most Effective Way to Reinstall CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems by my colleague Chiron. That provides a reliable starting point. Don’t forget to export your configuration before uninstalling.

Is there nothing stored in the registry? So everything is just lost because of this “upgrade”?

Unless something went wrong with the update you should have your old configuration in Manage CIS configurations. I don’t have CIS installed temporarily so I can’t tell under what registry key to look. It is in the System hive.

If you are very determined to get your old profile back do a system restore and when things go well you should have your old CIS back from which you can export your old configuration. When using System Restore it is never totally certain it can restore complex creatures like security programs… Try it at your own risk…