The more browsers the slower your system.

Hi, guys!
There is an opinion that the more browsers are installed on your comp the slower it works even if you don’t use them all simultaneously. This is an important issue for me that’s why I’ve launched this new topic. I would appreciate if experts answer this question.

Thank you.

I’m not certain how that would work (multiple browsers slowing down your system) if they’re not actually running.

Do you have any URLs of these opinions for more details?

I can’t really see how having two or more browsers on ones system - when not in use - would have any impact on overall system performance. Clearly, the more processes running, the more resource utilisation, but that’s true of any process. You say “There is an opinion…” do you have a link?

Snap. :slight_smile:

Thank you, guys, for your answers.

Firstly, this is an opinion of one guy whose proficiency in comps I don’t know. I had some vague apprehensions about this ‘the more browsers the slower your system’ issue based on my own experience.

Secondly, I believe I can consider your opinions as quite expert. So we can summarize that the opinion ‘the more browsers you have (even if you don’t start therm) the slower your comp works’ is wrong.

Thank you.

Without knowing any details or the context, I would say that it is wrong. I can’t think of anything that could cause an impact on system performance due to multiple browsers just being installed… within reasonable limits.

Well I heard that multiple browsers can slow down server but not home PC!

Technically speaking it doesn’t make sense that having multiple browser is messing with your performance. Browsers don’t have services or drivers running that would interfere even with them not running.

There could be other explanations like adding extensions to browsers over time. Funky plugins that may get installed over time. Not cleaning browser’s cache…

In general though. As a general guideline make sure to clean a browser’s cache and cookies (when cleaning from within the browser restart the browser after cleaning). Make sure to set your browser to clean cache upon exit; that helps to keep it more responsive.

When the above is not working try running the browser without extensions and disable all plugins to see if they play a role. Or try a clean install to see if a messed profile is the cause of performance issues.

In short, enough things to try first before jumping to conclusions.