The Mightiest Supercomputer

Hmm I want for Christmas this in my basement :smiley:

I don’t “The total system power is of 17.8 MW (megawatts)”

I know but who said it should be plugged on your house :smiley:

That’s some power! LOL! Get me one as well :slight_smile:

Got it :wink:

I would get fit, I would have to pedal the generator at lighning speed.

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This would be healthy actually: Working on computer and exercise at the same time ;D

It could be a good idea for people that work long office hours, leaving no time for physical activity.
A good UPS unless you have a severe long lasting cramp. :wink:
Sorry to run OT.

Then you get tired and stop for a while then BLOP computer dies and you lost that important document that you have been working on for so long.

Well for this is a solution actually, battery or an UPS(as captainsticks said). First you start 1/2 H before you actually open the PC(to have power in case something goes wrong). OK that was funny :smiley:

No problem. We can amuse from time to time, is nothing wrong with that :wink: