“The login information you have entered is invalid.”

Today I get this error message:

The login information you have entered is invalid. Please enter the correct data and try again.
I tried two accounts on two computers. :-\

EasyVPN 1, 0, 65297, 58.

What’s wrong?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

[attachment deleted by admin]

Now I can sign in. :-TU

There was a temporary issue with the server accepting connections.

Normal service has now resumed.



**** UPDATE ****

This just in … It appears as though EasyVPN did not like my ROBUST password. A 4th password reset to a much simpler alpha plus numeric password now allos me to login whereas my previous, much longer and far more secure password that included non-alpha characters like *&%$#$ did not work.

However, the interesting thing is that the previous, much longer and more secure password WAS working fine for a few weeks before yesterday. ODD to say the least.

**** UPDATE ENDS ****

While logged in, the session ended abruptly. Attempts to log back in failed with a hang at Signing in …

This was followed by login information you have entered is invalid on subsequent attempts. Three password resets were done with each new password generating either the hang at Signing in … or the invalid login information.

It has now been about 24 hours without a response to ticket #PXO-619841.

Based upon the symptoms, and this post found in the forum, it appears to be a server-side authentication issue.

Please advise.

Hi ranger301!

Which version Evpn do you use?

For change password, do you use client app’s resert password feature or use the forgot password feature on web site?

Today , i try to reproduce the issue , but it doesn’t happen.

Could you please give me more detail information.

Thank you.