The link to Comodo from Matousec redirects to a credit card payment form

Was this a decision by Comodo?

Johnnie is looking for a free Firewall and browses around Matousec’s site.

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More likely to be an error (??) on Matousec’s behalf. I don’t believe that Comodo would be silly enough to have provided that link when the Matousec tests were referencing the free version.

If I were running the Matousec site, I would be grateful if someone pointed this error out to me.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I sent a message to them. :slight_smile:

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Perhaps you could sujest them to use 2 options ? 1 goes to the paid version and 1 goes to the free version ?


I think they only usually give one link…and it would be better to link to the free version’s desc. than a payment page. 88)

BTW, I’m here all the time. You just don’t notice me. :stuck_out_tongue: (With your nose up in the air… ;D)

Matousec’s reply:


Thank you for your message.
We can use only links provided by affiliate program of the vendor.
Several times we have tried to contact their support and get a better link.
Unfortunately, affiliate support of Comodo was not able to provide
a better link and their currently system supports only the link
that is on our website.

Kind Regards,

:-\ (Comodo’s support doesn’t even know where the CIS page is located? 88))


I’m gonna forward this and see what I can find out.

best regards,


I’ve had a conversation over e-mail with the person in question and he promised me he will change this ASAP.

thanks for bringing this up

Ten days after eXPerience being promised the link is still there.

Also, in majorgeeks, we are presented with CAV 2.0 beta ??? and FW 3.0

Download Comodo AntiVirus - MajorGeeks
Download Comodo Firewall - MajorGeeks

At CNET we are provided with CIS 3.9

Strange policy indeed.

Indeed, I’ve checked it yesterday also. I’m going to resend the mail to the person in question.

best regards,