!!!!The latest version CIS4 can’t be installed in china !!!!!!!!

The latest version CIS4 can’t be installed in china?
It is said that Comodo is one of the best firewall in all over the world. So I choose cis_3.13.126709.581_XP_Vista_x32 for my window vista basic computer system. The feeling of using it for the past several months turns out to be wonderful, even for me, a Chinese.

But I come across with a new question confusing and annoying me since days before. When it updates for once, this software reminds me that the latest version CIS4 is available. So I download the CIS4 but I find it can’t be installed. I have restarted the computer system for thousands of the time following the installation of this software’s order. But each time it tells me that my system hasn’t been changed and the installation has been shut off before the time. In fact once the installation comes to the end for installing the kernel, the process becomes run back, translated to Chinese is “事实上当安装到最后,要安装内核时就开始回滚操作了”.

The error number seems to be 1603(I can’t remember clearly). Maybe it means the old version has not been removed completely. But I can’t find a way to make it.

Eagerly waiting for your kind resolution.

                                          From sincerely a supporter from china

中文版(translated into Chinese):


据说comodo是世界上最好的防火墙,所以我为我的vista basic 系统选择了cis_3.13.126709.581_XP_Vista_x32这个版本。几个月给了我非凡的使用体验,即使是对我这个中国人。





Welcome to the Forum, Royal002.

Did you uninstall the previous version first and reboot prior to installing v4.1?

you can also use comodo removal tool before installing new version.


yes,definitely yes, i did over and over again. i also used the comodo removal tool, but it also didn’t work out.

did you try to run windows in safe mode / erase comodo folder / run the removal tool in safe mode / reboot / run ccleaner / reinstall /

otherwise could be a problem with the microsoft installer ???..


This is most likely a leftover of a previous installation.
Please download Regscanner here
And search for

Internet Security
Firewall Pro

And see if there are things left in the registry pointing to the previous install.
As always make sure you have a backup of your system/registry before changing stuff in there.