The Komodo Dragon on TV

I ended up watching a nature program on TV, showing the Komodo Dragon. :■■■■

At first I thought they looked cute and pleasant, but then…

It’s a quite macabre animal, even eating each other (at least the baby Komodos). They may also kill humans if they get the chance (they even dig up buried corpses), however, they can go for months without eating at all. Apperntly they have a poisoned bite - they attack other animals with just one bite - then the prey slowly dies from blood poisoning in a few hours or days.

(CNY) (CWY) >:-D ;D


sadistic mind 88)
oh btw, Komodo is the last entry on top ten lethal poisonous animal 88)
apparently, komodo’s poison is from his food leftover on his teeth. 88)

i think i’ll stop brushing my teeth 88)