The items in My Own Safe File

Hello everyone ,

Today my xp did an update and after that i see some files and dlls belongs to framework update sits in My Own Safe Files. I didn’t put them there. Also while the update process i ddn’t see any pop up window from Comodo. Why Comodo put them without informing me? I wanted to report this to Comodo team and to its dear users.

yea me too. windows updated, no comodo popup and lots of files in my pending files and my own safe files.
dont know whether to keep or delete these files. windows update is a safe thing then why all those entries in pending and own safe files. any info frds???


I think this files was checked online by Comodo and because they was founded in the global Comodo Safe list they was moved to the “My own safe list”


but under computer security policy in D+ windows update is treated as updater and installer so i guess there should be no files in pending or own safe files related to windows update. m i right??