The Israeli/Lebanese conflict

What do you think about it?

There have been lots of conversations about it, on another forum I ended in a 15 pages thread filled with Israel bashing and only me to protect Israel. :stuck_out_tongue:

My thought about this is: You kidnap soldiers, you have to pay. Give back the soldiers or I ■■■■ the ■■■■ out of you. Quite simple, to be honest.

P.S. I don’t think the thread breaks any rules, unless people start flaming each other on a nationalistic/racial/political base. Admins/Mods, feel free to delete the thread if it causes any trouble. :x

No trouble at all. At least for my part.

Well I don’t want to take the part of neither country but it seems really an esageration to me.

2 Months ago on an “air conflict” (between greek and turkish fighters, but without firing) at Crete in Greece, a greek pilot died because of a collision with one of the turkish airplanes. With your logic Greece should declear war at Turkey.

I am more for the diplomacy and less for the war (:WIN)

An accident is not the same as kidnapping LIVE HUMAN BEINGS and then ignoring everything the IL government, the US and the UN are asking from Lebanon.

Well if the accident happens in your air territory and when the 2 of the 4 hostile plains, carry missiles it is. Some call it an accident and other substane it was organised. The only ones that know the trough are the high position militaries and the goverments of the two countries.

ps. I do believe that Israel should defend itself; but destroying an entire nation for 2 kidnapped soldiers , make me think that a lot more is hidden.

If we wanted them destroyes, they would’ve been destroyed by now.

The intel. units can’t always supply the artillery/armor/airforce units with 100% correct information, which is the reason for so many attacks on civilians. But hey, if you’re going to hide terrorists or Hezbollah soldiers in your house, you have to be ready for something nasty to happen. D:

You misunderstood me. I am not talking about the kids or the innocent people that died. I am talking about destroying most of the roads, bridges, power facilities, etc. And all this for only two simple soldiers? It just isn’t convincing. Probably Israel wanted to destroy Hezbollah and this incident gave the right opportunity to do it.

I would have to agree on that.

P.S. As long as this topic does not get out of hand with people flaming eachother then this topic will remain un touched by the Admins/Mods.

I agree that the kidnap gave Israel the oportunity to act against the Hezbollah, but we don’t destroy roads and bridges for fun; since it all started you must understand that they won’t stop attacking untill we fullfil their requests OR till they are all eliminated – they said they won’t surender.

They don’t have a nifty airforce like we do, so every action their military and/or terror activities are done from land, and roads and bridges is their most important way of getting from place to place. :wink:

Agreed. But now the problem is that this war, in conjuction with the 2 other recent wars in the area risk, if it gets out of hand to mutate in a conflict of east coulture with arabic coulture and if all the countries don’t get seriously at the “diplomatic table” and discuss on how to resolve the problems instead of using the military power, we will be involved in a not so far future at a world war 3. And with the weapons that exist we will all say goodby at mother earth

Israel simply acting like an imature boy before they gets their first m@$t**b@t!@n.
A hole in the wall, doesn’t mean we have to knock down the entire house to make it right.
…realy. It’s just as simple as that.

…and just to mention another simple sample…
I live in Indonesia, wich is just a cross border from Malaysia and Asutralia.
There’s alot of incident beetwen our country. But every posible solution we’re used to it’s MAXIMUM capability.

…if you think kidnaping is bad enough to demolish every human being on the other map of the world, one day you’ll start executing every shoplifter you’ve found on the street.
We’re just a mere human. …we smell like skunk. We poop a s**t. We gets hurt just by simply bobing our head to the pc’s monitor, or to an internet switch. It hurt to be so small. …but it IS who we are.

Half your posts made no sense to me, but maybe that’s because of my limited English. :x

Of course I agree that some of the Israeli actions are too nasty but there’s got to be a reason for some of this, I’m sure they don’t go blowing up 10 flats high buildings for the kicks of it. :expressionless:


Okay, I really hate to say this but I think it needs to be said before things get worse.

I personally don’t fancy discussing any issues related to politics, race or religion that is controversial at the present moment. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not a person who doesn’t care for anything other than my immediate surroundings. I wouldn’t be saying, “What does the Isreal and Lebanon conflict got to do with me? It is so peaceful here, so why bother?”

But this is a forum and all of us come from different backgrounds. One statement of yours can be taken very seriously by others and this is when all the flaming starts. The Isreal and Lebanon conflict is still on-going and the heat is still hot. There are half of the world that is supporting either fraction of the war. Talking about this issue in the forum can seriously do damage to Comodo.

I have seen people in my country and even political leaders going gung ho over this conflict. Political leaders themselves would lead a demonstration against a particular embassy in my country. Therefore, I urge all of you not to discuss this here. If political leaders would act in such a manner, I seriously don’t think flaming wouldn’t start in this forum. I think it is just a matter of time before all hell break loose.

However, if the rest of you feel it is alright to continue, please do. No offence will be taken here on my part (and I hope no offence on your part too) ;). I just think it is not very appropriate to discuss issues that are presently controversial. Discussing something controversial that happens in the past wouldn’t be that bad as the sentiment against the issue is much cooler.

Yours truly,

Incase of flaming, I’ll be the first to report to an admin or a mod. Don’t worry about it, we’re having a civil storm of minds. :stuck_out_tongue:

“I dont know what weapons will be used in World War Three, but I do know World War Four will be fought with sticks and rocks.” Albert Einstein

Hey Ewen,

That is truly a good one. LOL. Haha. Is that quote really from Albert Einstein?

Yours truly,

Yes, it is. It used to be in my signature a few years ago on some other forum. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the reply. I thought it was just something Ewen cook up. ;D Hey Ewen, just joking.

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Nah, that’s his tussles with his mother in law. :smiley:

I suppose I have to add my two cents to all this. I sit back and watch as wars rage, people hate people in other countries, in their own and everywhere else. Yet talk to a good majority of these people (typical citizens) from most countries and it seems all everyone wants is peace. Well I for one would love that as I don’t hate any race, religion or otherwise. What I do hate is the fact that our leaders of every country play dirty games at the cost of innocent human lives. To me THAT is the bottom line, money , greed, politics and I would think religion as a mask for some. I have said this many times and will say it again, let’s take all the leaders of every known place on earth, give them each a gun and tell them to fight it out. I bet the war would be over in about 1 minute, unless Cheney is in there, could be some blood shed, lollll. <—kidding. ::slight_smile: We no longer go to war for our freedom, when we have weapons that can obliterate the world, who is truly going to stand down? Either we will destroy ourselves or come to terms of peace, there is no in between i’m afraid. We go to war over political B.S. that’s all it truly is. If the citizens of all countries want peace, why do we allow our rulers to create such hate and war? The media portrays each country as complete haters of the other country, sickening. The Media, Big business, Government and mother in laws, the 4 horsemen. :wink: Whatever my thoughts are, I can say they are truly of peace and I refuse to hate others due to media or other self endulged hate mongers. Create a scenario, the people will follow and follow the hate, that’s what I think, they keep everyone at eachother’s throats. Very sad , and I think the leaders of our country should be people who actually care, not greedy rich men. Gondolisa Rice, (I know i didn’t spell it right) anyway, the one who looks like the drummer on the muppet show, animal was it? Anyway she may be a she but she aint no better than a he. We need people like Morgan freeman, very smart man and caring at the same time. I know this is a very
“overall” opinion but that’s the way I see it.



P.S. FACTS: What is the only creature to survive a nuclear war? scroll for answer…

Answer: A Mother in law.

That’s a good one. I guess what Einstein was on about was walking sticks (if they have one). :slight_smile:

Well, I think it may in fact be due to that lead like shell they have and that beetle hump on their backs. Or I would suppose they can just open their mouths and swallow themselves until the radiation is over. You really should ask Ewen though, I believe he studied this at the In-Law university. :wink: