The intrusion detection count keeps going up but why is the log blank?

Plus there 2 processes that keep trying to tamper with my files, “Windows Operating System” & “System” which comodo gives me a notifcation for which I manually block. However the antivirus scanners always come back clean. i also run malwarebytes. Looks like an undercover malware is hiding…

Try to re-install, also do not use create rules for safe applications or training mode when you shutdown or reboot your computer as the rules might get erased. Which is why you are getting alerts from System which you should not block, the default rules should take care of the System process.

I’ve gotten the same entries in Unblock Applications.
In the protocol I couldn’t find an entry of windows operation as well but one of system (look attachments).
The first attachment is with a configuration of CIS that I normally don’t use.

One of the entries seems to be a keylogger of Microsoft and more. I deactivated all of those settings which allow to send information to Microsoft in the custom settings of Windows.

I don’t know if you/we have really do with malware. Malwarebytes as well as Hitman Pro didn’t find any spyware on my PC, comodo only once warned me of posible spyware but it was not, but also a keylogger from Adobe which I blocked, too. So I’m not able to use the keyboard for that program.

Now let’s see what my PC does when I set “system” to ask in firewall.

It works. By the way, systems isn’t at all a malware.

Now I rember: I did allow ‘system’ to send requets to specific targets I have set (according to instructions - not ‘at home = zu Hause’).