The interface is just so weird

It has close icons etc that are sort of floating outside the windows, Not standard.

This stuff should be workmanlike, not fluffy.

I do not want interface “tricks” in a business programme. I want backup

I agree, I post this in cleaner too.

I didn’t know where to post this, but I’ll put it here, move it if you want.

I have installed comodo cleaner and really did not like interface, hope it was just test. Now I see back up has same interface, so I can guess the security suite will have this too. Please don’t.

It’s really badly designed, works terribly on light colored back grounds and. It’s horrible to navigate unless in full screen. The ‘drifting’ buttons are really hit and miss with other windows open, especially with aero. It also not conform to any standard windows interface, XP, Vista of Seven.

Please rethink this, it’s truly a bad design.

Thank you

Don’t know whether we will be listened to (no other replies) but I am glad somebody agrees.

It’s a really silly interface. I want each programme to have its own confined space, not floaty little bits.