The infamous "PinK ScreeN" with Windows 8.1

I have used Comodo for years, but after a shift to Windows 8.1 I downloaded Comodo again and began using it. Somewhere along the way, I was suddenly greeted with a web page but the background color was “pink”. Not all the time, which confuses me, and only in Comodo. Example: the Comodo help screen comes up in pink, the main site does not.
I believe I picked this up from browsing thru web sites. It was the first time I noticed it if I recall correctly.
My question: is there a simple way to get rid of this? Obviously, the background color is being changed only on specific pages, and only in Comodo. I do not have this problem in Ice Dragon, IE, or Firefox.
At a lost in an ocean of white or grey with dots of “Pink”.

I added Windows 8.1 to the title for a better description. Eric

Update - I have seen messages that blame NVidia and say to update drivers, but I have checked and my drivers are up to the latest. Still in a quandry.
If Comodo comes up with a solution, please notify me. I have used CD for years and love it.