The Gameguard issue!

PLS fix the Nprotect gameguard issue with SUDDEN ATTACK and BLACKSHOT,i have been waiting too long for this …Hope it is fix in the V5 version…

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Thank so much.

The kid is not a human?LoL ;D

Is the issue fix already?

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Oh yeah, you mean problem like “My CAPS-LOCK was surprasingly working only on entire words!”? Sure you did…

Point taken, fixed.

Please notice there is already a topic about this: When will COMODO fix the problem with nProtect GameGuard?.

Please learn to critise people without lashing out on them. It is not a mature attitude.

Well this kind of stupid problem need Comodo to fix.
Because GameGuard provider are vain like peacock and don’t need to do anything.
Did you know I’me send mail to the support center od them by didn’t think any response.
So they reply me like Turn off Antivirus/Firewall if this problem doesn’t fix turn off your router firewall.


No it’s not up to Comodo to fix GameGuard.

GameGuard are using non-standard methods of hooking. GameGuard can fix this, no-one else. All Comodo can do is try and develop a workaround. There has already been a workaround posted, but there is no guarantee that the workaround is valid for all versions of GameGuard.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I think too that developers of game guard should fix it, and if they don’t just never buy their games that have such a terrible support.

Before it starts to flame war, please check this thread, you might find it usefull

What I want to know is how HackShield from AhnLab (which is another gaming anticheat software) got the issues solved with CIS v4 (or viceversa), and why the GameGuard issue is still standing for so long ??!!

These late few years, f2p games started to compete with payed games and it looks (for now) that they’re gaining some ground !
The two most spread anticheat software for f2p games seem to be GameGuard and HackShield !

So many people have and will shift to this side of free to play games just like they turn to free security software like CIS !

IMO this issues will be solved eventually because both parties (CIS and GameGuard games) have something to lose… some people will choose the game and uninstal CIS and turn to other free security software that hasn’t got issues with GameGuard… and other people will choose CIS and uninstall the game !

P.S. CIS has issues not only with these game anticheat software but with legitimate drivers from different devices (e.g mouse)… yesterday I’ve replaced my 5 and 1/2 year-old A4-Tech optical mouse (R.I.P - it served me well) with a Genius Traveler 515 laser mouse and… boy… did I had to jump through some hoops untill I’ve been able to install it’s driver… so for now I guess CIS puts more accent on signed software than the behaviour of the software…

EDIT: Oh, forgot to mention that I’m one of the people that chooses CIS no matter what !!

As noted by Ewen, above, this issue is GameGuard fix only, not Comodo. Please stop bashing Comodo about this issue. Instead, bash the makers of GameGuard.

Comodo will NOT fix any software that does not belong to them.

I dont have any problems with using nProtect, while playing games. It must be a way they have allowed things to run or the way they setup CIS

It’s probably related to versions of nProtect from what I can tell from a distance.

it seems, comodo and gameguard conflicts only in XP… got no problems with win7…

lol :smiley: